Nikama GmbH

With facilities in Germany, Switzerland and Ukraine, Nikama has more than 20 years experience providing advanced software solutions at attractive prices.

We work with small businesses and some of the world’s largest companies.

Software Development

We develop software – from specialized programs to large scale distributed systems.

Our development team of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians and physicists has a long track record of solving complex problems.


  • Software development for industry.
  • Product configuration systems.
  • Integration with SAP and other ERP systems.
  • Fluid and thermal computations.
  • Mathematical optimization algorithms.

Development Process

You need a software solution? Contact Nikama for an informal discussion.

In the first step we analyze your problem and compile a full list of requirements. We then scrutinize the list and compose the Functional Specification document. The Functional Specification serves as a definition of the software system. Based on this document, a cost-benefit analysis, feasibility study and other parameters for a business case can be computed.

In the next step we design a software system that meets the requirements in the Functional Specification. A blueprint of the design is documented in the Design Document. We use an object oriented approach to software design.

Nikama presents you with an offer to build the software system described by the Design Document with an obligation to satisfy all requirements in the Functional Specification. Milestones for the delivery are defined. Each milestone delivery can be fully tested by you. Test cases are included if necessary. Our quotations contain a binding time schedule. We are typically able to offer a fixed price!

Based on the quotation, you can conclude the business case. If you choose to accept, a Statement of Work is signed and construction begins.

We build the software using state-of-the-art programming technology and project planning tools. Structured testing is carried out according to modern methodologies. The Design Document is kept up-to-date and serves as documentation of the source code. Our transparency policy means that you have access to all documents and source code throughout the construction phase.

Deliveries are made according to the milestones in the quotation. We assist you in the acceptance testing of each milestone. Following your acceptance, a sign-off document is mutually signed. If you want to change or add functionality, a Change Request will be issued. Minor Change Requests are implemented by Nikama free of charge.

After delivery and acceptance of the final milestone, the construction is completed. This event marks the beginning of the warranty period

Nikama supports the deployment of the new software in your business. We perform on-going maintenance tasks on a fixed price basis. It is a Nikama priority to offer you a long-term maintenance contract as well as a framework for further updates and extensions of the software. Nikama has the infrastructure to supply training and 24/7 help-desk services.

About Us


  • Nikama GmbH was founded 1991 in Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Development center in Kiev, Ukraine since 1998.
  • German subsidary Nikama GmbH established 2014.


Nikama GmbH
Prestmark 15
D-24960 Glücksburg

Geschäftsführer: Dr. Mads Kyed
Amtsgericht Flensburg: HRB 13429 FL

Development Center Kiev, Ukraine.


Dr. Mads Kyed

Managing Director

Mads Kyed has a degree in mathematics and computer science from Aarhus University and a PhD in mathematics from RWTH Aachen University.

He has 15 years experience as a researcher and software developer.


Igor Guryanov

Program Director

Igor Guryanov has a degree in computer science and held a research position at Kiev Military Aviation Engineering Academy.

Igor Guryanov is the head of Nikamas development center in Kiev.

He has 25 years experience in software development.


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Nikama GmbH
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